Bopping Heads Dance Entertainment Videos

If you are using a copyrighted piece of music (music owned by another) and if you are making a reproduction of that music, you must get permission to use the composition from the copyright owner or the publisher. Licensing is an extremely complex procedure which can take weeks and even months to get the permission to use the copyright owner's musical selection. Bopping Heads System provides special animated videos which you may utilize alone or mixed with music. 

Upon purchasing a Bopping Heads system and recording music which you may add to any video, you will also be required to license each recording that you make.  While these fees are very nominal in comparison to the fees that you will make at an event, it is required by the music industry and it is only fair so that each artist, writer, etc makes their well deserved earnings for their copyrighted work.

Additionally, licensing fees should not be collected by merely purchasing a blank DVD with a built-in allowance for the licensing fee.  It is just not possible to know how many recordings would be placed on 1 DVD.  Additionally, unless there has been a buyout licensing performed, it is impossible to "blanket" license fees as there is no 1-source publisher or service that can ensure the proper copyright(s) owners get paid.

Bopping Heads is a manufacturer and dealer of an electronic system that can mix music with a library of proprietary videos produced by Bopping Heads Entertainment exclusively for use by Bopping Heads Owner/Operators.  Bopping Heads Entertainment does not get involved with music licensing for any songs that you may provide, nor does it monitor the activity of music licensing for its operators.  Operators must adhere to all local, state and US laws with respect to music licensing and holds Bopping Heads Entertainment harmless for the monitoring of music licensing.  All Bopping Heads Owner Operators are instructed to research any music they plan on adding to the system for recording purposes and purchase the proper licensing fees.


Bopping Heads Dance Entertainment Videos is a fantastic new concept in all types of party entertainment. Bring Bopping Heads to your next Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Fundraiser or Special Event. Audiences of ALL ages are entertained by the original "Big Head Dance Videos."


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