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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bopping Heads?
Bopping Heads is a high-tech chroma key video entertainment system which was developed to enable just about anyone to easily operate with no experience needed in video or graphics. 

What is the Equipment all about?
When you sit in front of a Bopping Heads system, the camera takes your head and superimposes it live into a music video on top of the bodies of professional dancers or animated video sets. You can see yourself live as it happens and the audience around can watch and laugh. No need to sing, no need to know the words or even be familiar with the song. No talent necessary, although, Bopping Heads is currently teaming up with a well-known video karaoke company to bring you Karaoke Plus! More information will be coming soon!

Who is the targeted audience?
All Audiences! Business people, children, teenagers, seniors of every ethnic and economic background are in love with Bopping Heads. When seen in Amusement Areas, Bopping Heads is usually the most crowded concession. Bopping Heads is very inexpensive to be a participant and take-home a video, making it virtually unaffected by economic conditions. In fact, we have discovered that even those who have been affected by the economy are eager for some much needed laughter.

Where Would I Take My Bopping Heads System?
If you are looking to open in a permanent location, then Amusement Parks, Arcades, Malls, and other areas of amusement and high traffic areas are fantastic. Additionally, you will also be requested at Conferences, parties, festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, clubs, street fairs, wedding receptions, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, church events, promotional events and more. So many events and venues are craving something new, fun and exciting for their groups. When they see how exciting, funny and "family friendly" Bopping Heads can be — they openly welcome the Bopping Heads System.

How Exactly Do I Make Money With It?
When you appear at any event with lots of people, you will be the most exciting thing there! People crowd around and want a business card to call you for their venue or party. It picks up from there and so does your price for appearing at future events.

Is it Easy To Operate?
The Bopping Heads System is ready to go out of the box. Just connect the video camera, turn on the lights, and you are ready to go. No adjustments necessary. Your Bopping Heads System includes professional training which teaches you everything you need to know. Most new owners are testing out and using their equipment in 30 minutes.

Is It Expensive?
You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of owning a Bopping Heads System and how quickly you can cover your costs when you open for business.

How Does It Work For Guests?
Guests simply look at the song list and pick out a video number.  They sit on the stools and we put on their green cloak  When the music starts, they just bounce their heads as they watch themselves on the monitor.  Some people like to sing or goof off — but in any case, your big dancing head is very funny! 

Do All Guests Receive A DVD?
Of Course! That's one of the things that makes Bopping Heads so popular at parties. Guests get to take a memory home with them. You may also offer a single DVD containing every video recorded at the event. There is no waiting or burning time.

How Much Space Is Needed To Run It?
You can operate a booth in a 8' x 8' space.

Is This A Franchise?
No.  You pay a flat fee for the equipment which includes everything (even training and support). There are no Franchise Fees or Royalties.  As a Licensee of Bopping Heads, you receive an exclusive territory for working parties and special events.

Will I Need To Pay For Anything Else?
Your only operating expenses will be purchasing blank DVDs as well as the music licensing.  We sell these DVDs to you at a discount rate, or you may elect to purchase your own DVD's elsewhere. Music licensing is a must whenever you make a recording of a song.  While many Disc Jockeys and Video Karaoke operators choose not to license their music, the fees are very nominal in comparison to what you would make at a party or special event.  Our licensing procedure has recently changed in order to properly comply with the licensing regulations of the music industry.

How Much Money Can I Earn With A Bopping Heads System?
it's difficult to say in each person's case, as it really pertains to how aggressive you are in booking Fairs, Festivals, and Special events.  It's pretty hard not to earn money with this system. We don't just sell you your equipment and walk away. We have many inquiries for parties in many areas, so we can help you get started with bookings.

How Do I Get Started?
Just give us a call Toll Free at 866-954-8084 and we will guide you through the process. In just a week or so, you can have your system delivered to you, completely trained and ready to begin!

Do I need to Advertise?
Once you have your System, there is no need to spend money on advertising.  Many of our owners have learned the best advertising is to open a Bopping Heads System at a Fair, Festival or fundraiser. You should make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand!  It's absolutely the best way to get new business.

How Much Should I Charge?
When you own your System, it's yours and you set your prices.  You can charge $5, $10, $20 or even more than $30 per DVD depending on your area.  The most profitable way to operate is to charge party planners and venues a flat fee for appearing.  

What If My System Breaks?
All of the components in your System are under a one year warranty and are designed to last many years.  You shouldn't see any trouble from your System, and if you do, call us for immediate assistance.

Bopping Heads Dance Entertainment Videos is a fantastic new concept in all types of party entertainment. Bring Bopping Heads to your next Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Fundraiser or Special Event. Audiences of ALL ages are entertained by the original "Big Head Dance Videos."


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